Romantic Rose!

Spring is in the air!  Shape the brows perfectly with RefectoCil Brow Styling Strips. For a rosy touch of spring, tint them with a mix of red and deep blue!


To create this look just shape the brows with the Brow Styling Strips and simultaneously lighten them up with Blonde Brow. Afterwards tint with a mix of red and deep blue to achieve a pastel rose shade.

Bleach the brow!

Recently gone blonde? For a natural look the eyebrows shouldn’t be more than two shades darker. Too dark brows can be lightened up to 3 shades with Blonde Brow to create naturally blonde styles. The look is perfect, when the brows are shaped perfectly as well.


To create this look the brows have been brought into perfect shape with the Brow Styling Strips and at the same time lightened with Blonde Brow.

Pure harmony for red brown looks!

First shape the lashes with RefectoCil Eyelash Curl, then tint lashes and brows with chestnut. This way the red component of the hair harmonizes perfectly with the styling of the eye-area.


For this look our model achieved the perfect lash look with Eyelash Curl and has afterwards been tinted with chestnut.

Rules are there to be broken!

Wearing platinum blonde hair combined with dark, intense brows has become a major trend which is no surprise, because contrast brows attract attention and look amazing!


To achieve this look we created a light brow base with Blonde Brow, then tinted with pure black for 5 minutes. The bleaching made the following tint more intense. For a softer result use natural brown.